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Billing FAQs

1: Where can I find my account number, Payment ID, and Payment Pin number? 

A: Customers can find their account number, payment ID, and payment pin number on the top right corner of their bill.  A customer account number is required when creating an account or using the Guest Sign In option on the Citizen Action Center website. Customers must enter the information as it appears on the bill.

2: What types of payments are accepted? 

A: South Fort Collins customers have a variety of ways to pay their bill: Details Here

    3: How do I log into my online bill pay account? 

    A: Customers are encouraged to create an account they can use immediately for a variety of purposes, including making payments online. They will go to the Citizen Action Center ( and enter a username (i.e. their email address) and a password. They have the choice of adding their utility account information here or once they are logged in. Additionally, they may enter personal information specific to their account profile.

    4: How do I set up electronic or paperless billing? 

    A: Customers may take advantage of electronic or paperless billing by contacting the South Fort Collins Sanitation District at and requesting this option. Please call (970) 226-2484 if you need additional assistance.

    5: Can I make an online payment without creating an account? 

    A: Yes, customers may use a “Guest Sign In” if they have not created a profile. They will need three pieces of information to utilize this feature:

    • Utility Account Number
    • Billing Zip Code
    • Customer Name on the Utility Account (may be different than name on bill ex. Owner of property if a tenant is paying on the account.
    6: How do I set up recurring payments (autopay)? 

    A: Customers may set up recurring payment (Autopay) once it is available (February 2024) by logging into their online account and selecting Manage Account/ Setup Autopay. If there is not a previously stored payment method, one can be added on the Profile and Contact tab.

    7: I don’t want to pay transaction fees, what are my payment options? 

    A: SFCSD is pleased to offer customers a variety of payment options that do not incur a transaction fee:

    • Pay by check: Make checks payable to South Fort Collins Sanitation District and include your account number on the check and payment coupon on the front of your bill.
    • Pay through your bank's bill pay service: Use your bank's bill pay service by setting up South Fort Collins Sanitation District as a vendor using our name and address (2560 E. Co. Rd. 32, Fort Collins CO 80528-9328).
    • Autopay with ACH: Complete our ACH form or call us to request a form. (You'll need a voided check to complete this option)
    • Drop off payment: Drop off check or cash at our office at 2560 E. County Road 32, Fort Collins, CO 80528-9328, between 8 a.m., and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    If you are currently paying with a credit card or bank account and have setup auto-pay through our website, make sure you turn off auto-pay before changing to one of the above payment methods to ensure your auto-pay isn’t processed and incurs transaction fees. If you need help managing your online account, please call (844) 314-5371. For other changes to your account information, mailing address or how you wish to receive your bill, please email us at

    8: I received an error message when submitting my payment online. What should I do? 

    A: When troubleshooting an error message or unsuccessful payment attempt, customers should first verify the following information:

    • Next, if/when all information is entered correctly, customers should clear their browsing history and cache.
    • Finally, customers may call for assistance if these steps do not resolve the issue. Help is available 6:00 am – 3:00 pm (MST) Monday through Friday at (844) 324-5371.
    9: What do I do if I forgot my password or am locked out of my account? 

    A: In the event a customer forgets their password, they may utilize the “Forgot Password?” feature included on the sign-in page. They should follow the prompts, and ensure an updated password satisfies any criteria required.

    If creating a new password does not resolve the problem, then customers may call for assistance. Help is available at (844) 324-5371 from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm (MST) Monday through Friday.

    10: What is the policy regarding move-in/move-out? 

    A: For tenants: please visit our website and select Forms to complete the "Move  in/Move out form to email to

    For owners: the title company should have emailed a Sewer Assignment and Transfer of Service for us to be able to create a new account.

    11: What if a tenant at my rental property is delinquent on their account? 

    A: The property owner is ultimately responsible for unpaid sewer charges. The bill will be sent to the property owner or property management and it is up to you to collect from you tenant. Failure to pay the final bill will result in a Notice Of Intent to File Lien letter will be sent and additional fee may apply. 

    12: What do I do if tenants change at my rental property? 

    A: Tenants and property owners can add or remove their names from the service by completing a Move in/Move out form on our website and emailing it to 

    The property owner is ultimately responsible for unpaid sewer charges. The bill will be sent to the property owner or property management and it is up to you to collect from your tenant. Failure to pay the final bill will result in a Notice Of Intent to File Lien letter will be sent and additional fee may apply. 

    13: What if ownership of my property is changing? 

    A:  In order to provide clear title to the property at the time of the sale, your title company should contact us and we will provide them with an Estimated Final Request to be collected at closing. When the final bill is prepared, we will include the payment made at closing. If there is money still owed on the account, you will receive a bill that says “Final Bill” on it.

    14: Where do I find information on local government filings, including budget and audited financial statements? 

    A: The Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) hosts a database for all filings.  Click here for SFCSD.

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